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**Tranquility of the Buddha - Spiritual Art Photography**


Dive into the mystical world of Yoa with "Tranquility of the Buddha," an exquisite photographic work available in classic ultraHD print or plexiglass format. This captivating piece captures the essence of spiritual serenity through the serene presence of the Buddha, embodying peace and enlightenment.

"Tranquility of the Buddha" features a beautifully composed image of the Buddha in a state of deep meditation. The delicate interplay of light and shadow highlights the contours of the Buddha's face, evoking a sense of calm and introspection. The use of soft, harmonious colors adds to the overall sense of peace and tranquility, creating a visual retreat for the soul.

This artistic creation not only represents the physical form of the Buddha but also symbolizes the timeless qualities of wisdom and inner peace. The serene expression and tranquil surroundings serve as a reminder of the profound stillness and clarity that can be achieved through meditation and spiritual practice.

By integrating "Tranquility of the Buddha" into your space, you invite a touch of spiritual elegance and serenity, celebrating the beauty of mindfulness and contemplation. This unique piece, like all of Yoa's works, infuses your environment with a sense of peace and harmony, transforming any room into a sanctuary of spiritual reflection.

Whether you choose the ultraHD print for exceptional clarity or the plexiglass format for a contemporary and elegant presentation, "Tranquility of the Buddha" will add a touch of spiritual grace to your art collection.

Don't miss the opportunity to add this extraordinary piece to your collection. Order "Tranquility of the Buddha" now and let the serene presence of the Buddha bring a sense of peace and enlightenment to your space.

Tranquility of the Buddha - Spiritual Art Photography

PriceFrom €60.00
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