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Dive into the mystical world of Yoa with "Shamanic Flute," an enchanting photographic work available in classic ultraHD print or plexiglass format. This captivating piece captures the essence of shamanism and the connection with nature through the depiction of a man playing the flute, with the majestic presence of an eagle and a wolf in the background. A harmony of vibrant colors and touches of white add brilliant points of light to this composition.

"Shamanic Flute" presents a powerful scene where the man, symbolizing ancestral wisdom, plays the flute, invoking the spirit of the eagle and the wolf. These animals, emblems of vision and strength, appear in transparency, creating a mystical fusion between man and nature. The rich and varied colors, perfectly harmonized, bring visual depth and vibrant energy to the whole.

This artistic creation embodies the very essence of shamanic photographic art, highlighting the beauty and spirituality of ancient traditions. The touches of white illuminate the image, creating points of light that add an ethereal and transcendental dimension, evoking the connection between the earthly and the spiritual.

By integrating "Shamanic Flute" into your space, you bring not only a touch of mysticism and elegance but also a celebration of the wisdom and power of ancient rituals. Like all of Yoa's works, this unique piece evokes a sense of respect and admiration for nature and spiritual traditions, offering a captivating and profound visual experience.

Whether you choose the ultraHD print for exceptional sharpness or the plexiglass format for a modern and elegant presentation, "Shamanic Flute" will add a touch of magic and spirituality to your interior.

Don't miss the opportunity to add this exceptional piece to your art collection. Order "Shamanic Flute" now and let yourself be transported into a world of beauty and wisdom, where shamanic music and the spirits of the eagle and the wolf celebrate the deep connection with nature and the universe.

Flute shamanism - Photographic art

PriceFrom €100.00
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